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The Element Collection proudly features men's Tungsten wedding bands in a line-up that spans from classic minimalist men's rings, to modern trendy streamlined designs that showcase the enormous diversity that a tungsten wedding band can effortlessly exhibit, and why a tungsten wedding band is such an exciting option when choosing your ring for wedding day.


Predominantly used in heating and lighting elements, and commonly used in heavy metal alloys like high speed steel, and other “super-alloys”, to help increase hardness, as Tungsten is incredibly dense and has the highest melting point of any metal in the periodic table, at a whopping 3422 °C.


Tungsten is unbelievably hard, naturally scratch-proof, and has highest tensile strength of any naturally occurring metal...

making it an exceptional choice for a men’s ring, and a durable treasure that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

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As an added bonus, you’ll also find that Tungsten is hypoallergenic, and actually quite affordable in comparison to other alternative metals used to make unique wedding bands and men’s wedding rings; most notably in comparison to traditional precious metals, such as Gold and Platinum - in that sense, Tungsten and it’s extreme strength and durability is a tremendous bargain of a wedding band next to those monetary giants.

Tungsten's Strength & Color

An alloy that is 10 times harder than gold, an incredible tensile strength, and the highest melting point of all metals.

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Tungsten is a natural silvery gray color. The combination of tungsten carbide, and other alternative metals, allows tungsten to be used in a slew of of distinctive color hues and styles, ranging from the traditional silver color of a white gold or platinum men’s wedding band, to that of a much darker and sophisticated modern look that has become increasingly popular in recent years.


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Depending on your particular preference, Tungsten wedding bands can be forged in a bevy of finishes, textures, edge designs, or uniformly inlaid with other contemporary and precious metals, or uniquely contrasting natural materials (Opal, Turquoise, Exotic Hardwood, Deer Antler). All options are available in a polished, satin, matte, brushed, and hammered finishes, or any additional custom style edge or finish you desire.


Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands from Bonzerbands are the preferred choice amongst modern men, and an exceptional deviation from traditional or classic style wedding rings.



Bonzerbands Tungsten Wedding Bands are part of an exquisite collection of wedding bands for men that are available in countless tantalizing colors, widths, styles, and finishes.


Each Bonzerband Tungsten wedding band is innovative and stylish, possessing unique qualities to match that of the groom's individual characteristics.

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