The Hardwood Collection

If you're looking for the perfect wood wedding ring, look no further. Our strapping collection of men's wood wedding bands is all about the adventures you've shared outdoors. These men’s wedding bands are made of the highest quality exotic hardwoods, coupled with your choice of alternative metals and other natural materials. Have a peek at the collection and find yourself something spectacular.



Rich Mahogany, precious Koa, beautiful ebony, and strapping maple wood are just a few of our many natural hardwoods.

Explore wood rings like never before in an original collection featuring some of the most naturally alluring woods of the world.

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Our wood wedding bands are an exquisite combination of natural cut hardwood and custom forged alternative metals. We offer many different types of wooden rings, but in general, you'll typically find three main production types of wedding band made from wood - as an inlay on the exterior of the ring, as a sleeve on the interior to coat the metal outer layer, or entirely made of wood.

Durable Hardwood

Bonzerbands' wood wedding bands are incredibly tough.

All wooden rings undergo a specialized water treatment process, which renders them water-resistant, and adds an extra layer of protection against scrapes and dings,

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We use the finest exotic hardwood available in our men's wood wedding bands and unique wood rings.. The wood used is naturally imperfect and exceedingly beautiful. Variations in color, character, pattern and quality of the woods ensures that no two wooden wedding bands are the same. We also have a wide variety of wood types and wood treatments that can be used to personalize your ring, giving you nearly endless customization possibilities.

Field Collection

Exotic Hardwood


UP TO 70%

Natural Wood

Bonzerbands designs and sells men's wedding bands made out of unique materials such as Tungsten, Titanium, Meteorite, Dinosaur Bone and more. These unique wedding bands for men are available in a variety of colors - black wedding bands all the way to men's custom wedding rings at Bonzerbands.

The Field Collection was firmly crafted in the essence of the outdoors, with admiration and respect for the journey.


Men's Hardwood Wedding Bands from Bonzerbands are the preferred choice amongst modern men, and an exceptional deviation from traditional or classic style wedding rings.



Bonzerbands Hardwood Wedding Bands are part of an exquisite collection of wedding bands for men that are available in countless tantalizing colors, widths, styles, and finishes.


Each Bonzerband wedding band is innovative and stylish, possessing unique qualities to match that of the groom's individual characteristics.

The Alternative Unique Men's Wedding Bands

Be Unique, Be Yourself, Bonzerbands.

At Bonzerbands, we design and manufacture the most exceptional men's wedding bands on the planet. Unconventionally Unique & Distinctive Wedding Bands for the Distinguished Gentleman.