The Venture Collection

The Venture Collection is fueled by the adventurous lifestyle and the beautiful places it takes us. Strap in, buckle up, and let it rip, because it's time to get out there and ride!

The principal metal used to forge this collection is Damascus Steel.



Damascus Steel wedding bands are crafted by folding two different types of stainless steel together.

Masterfully folding these two metals together creates one-of-a-kind patterns, looks, and colors. allowing us to forge incredibly unique wedding bands that give you nearly endless possibilities to own a truly one-of-a-kind men’s ring.

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Damascus steel is somewhat of a legendary metal, as early craftsmen and bladesmiths producing swords made of Damascus steel became famous for the quality of their superior weaponry, while the name originates from the swordsmiths who invented the steel in Damascus, Syria. Today, we offer a tribute to this old-world style craftsmanship, and a glimpse of history, wholly preserved in a tough, durable, and gracefully designed modern version of a time-honored style, which allows us to produce a superior ring, and utterly desirable men's band.

Inlays and Finishes

Depending on your particular preference, Damascus steel wedding bands can be forged in a bevy of finishes, textures, edge designs, or uniformly inlaid with other contemporary and precious metals, or uniquely contrasting natural materials (Opal, Turquoise, Exotic Hardwood, Deer Antler).

All options are available in a polished, satin, matte, brushed, and hammered finishes, or any additional custom style edge or finish you desire.

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Damascus steel is extremely hard, naturally scratch-resistant, and has a very high tensile strength; making it an exceptional choice for a men’s ring, and a durable treasure that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. As an added bonus, you’ll also find that Damascus steel is hypoallergenic, and actually quite affordable in comparison to other alternative metals used to make unique wedding bands for men; most notably in comparison to traditional precious metals, such as Gold and Platinum - in that sense, Damascus steel with it’s extreme strength and durability is a tremendous bargain of a wedding band next to those monetary giants.


The Venture Collection


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All Bonzerbands men’s wedding bands come in an assortment of widths and sizes. 6mm and 8mm are the most common widths, and the majority of ring wearers fall somewhere between a size 5 and 15 US men’s size, with size 10 being the average ring size for a man’s wedding band in alternative metals. Nearly all wedding bands at Bonzerbands are available in a comfort fit, allowing for maximum wearing enjoyment; rings without comfort fit will be noted. Most of our bands can be resized if needed, although some particular materials or styles may not be capable of re-sizing (due to the nature of the material;), but that will be very few rings, and on an individual basis.

If you're looking for a ring to represent the love in your relationship, look no further than our Damascus Steel Wedding Bands. Damascus Steel Wedding Bands are a perfect symbol for your marriage. A alluring melding of two metals, that combined into one creates something that is stronger and more beautiful than either on their own.


Men's Wedding Bands from Bonzerbands are the preferred choice amongst modern men, and an exceptional deviation from traditional or classic style wedding rings.



Bonzerbands Wedding Bands are part of an exquisite collection of wedding bands for men that are available in countless tantalizing colors, widths, styles, and finishes.


Each Bonzerband wedding band is innovative and stylish, possessing unique qualities to match that of the groom's individual characteristics.

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Be Unique, Be Yourself, Bonzerbands.

At Bonzerbands, we design and manufacture the most exceptional men's wedding bands on the planet. Unconventionally Unique & Distinctive Wedding Bands for the Distinguished Gentleman.