Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized (what to do now)?

Tungsten Ring Resizing

Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?

Many people want to know if tungsten rings can be resized. Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Because of their strength, tungsten carbide rings don't bend or flex for reshaping, making resizing tungsten rings nearly impossible. This is because they are comprised of tungsten carbide – an extremely hard metal alloy made of equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms – that is virtually impossible to manipulate without breaking the ring apart.

A men's tungsten wedding band is unlike other types of jewelry like gold or silver rings which can easily be stretched or shrunk using heat methods, adding extra material to a tungsten ring won’t work because the intense heat needed will actually damage the metal and make it brittle. If you try removing material from a tungsten ring, then that too would end in failure since it would require filing down certain parts with specialized tools – something most jewelers don’t even possess since this type of job requires incredibly accurate judgment and precision cuts.

Tungsten wedding bands benefits and disadvantages, and can be a timeless and beautiful accessory to make your big day even more special, but they are not as easily resizable as other precious metal bands.

Tungsten rings are fashioned out of an alloy known as tungsten carbide, which is made up of equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms that have been fused together at an incredibly high temperature. This makes them stronger than gold or silver – up to four times harder than titanium! – while also giving them a smooth finish that is resistant to scratching or tarnishing.

Because of its unique properties, no mechanical tool can cut through or alter the shape or size of a tungsten ring once it’s been created. Although jewelers may be able to “cut back” the ring for resizing purposes (basically trimming away the excess material) this option isn't always available for wider bands because there simply wouldn't be enough material left on either side to keep the integrity and strength of the band intact. And unlike gold or silver rings that can be stretched without breaking them apart completely, attempting such with a tungsten ring would just cause it to snap in half! So if a tungsten carbide ring gets stuck on your finger it can be broken or cut off in an emergency situation.

Because of the hardness of tungsten it is important to make sure your tungsten jewelry fits perfectly (or at least close enough) before committing, as changing the size after the fact is a rather tough ordeal.