What is Tungsten? The Indestructible Story

What is Tungsten? The Indestructible Story | Bonzerbands

Indestructible: Why Tungsten Rings Are As Tough As They Come

Tungsten is an element known to be an extremely strong and durable metal, often used in the making of jewelry; most notably in tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands for men. The long lasting durability and scratch resistance of tungsten carbide make tungsten rings the perfect choice for men's wedding bands.

With tungsten being so incredibly hard and dense it is extremely difficult to scratch or alter its shape in any way, so it takes on the daily activities and the bumps and bruises of an active lifestyle; perfect for today's modern man on the go. The tungsten wedding band also has a luxurious, glossy finish which does not fade or tarnish, allowing tungsten rings to remain just as beautiful as when it was first purchased. Additionally, tungsten is hypoallergenic – meaning it won't irritate your skin, or cause an allergic reaction, ensuring comfort while looking stylish. So if you’re trying to find the perfect ring to tie the knot with look no further than tungsten wedding rings!