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The Complete Guide to Comparing Men's Wedding Band Materials

Alright, great, you've made the decision to mix it up a bit and go with a less than ordinary metal for your wedding band (smart choice). But now what...? You just wanted to add a little style to your finger on you big day, and now so many new metals, materials, and Inlays to choose from.

Black Zirconium

Zirconium has become one of the most widely used and well known materials used in comtemporary wedding band making, and a highly fashionable alternative metal, with its refined sleek look and custom details. Zirconium is naturally a silver-grey color., although when heated at high temperatures, zirconium produces a layer of black oxide, giving it the look of black zirconium we see in the majority of wedding bands comprised of this wonderous metal. Although very thin, this black layer is much harder than raw zirconium, allowing the metal to become much more durable than when in it's natural state.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is incredibly strong and highly durable. Combine that with a lightweight and scratch-resistant band that's difficult to break, and you have the perfect wedding ring for active lifestyles. Carbon fiber is also highly customizable, which allows for nearly limitless custom designs in any ring width or band shape and color.


Similar in color to a more traditional wedding ring material like platinum, titanium is a silver-grey metal that showcases incredible strength without the added density and weight. Titanium is 100% hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities, Although extremely lightweight, titanium is more resistant to scratching or being bent than wedding bands made from other metals or materials.

Cobalt Chrome

Over the last few years the use of cobalt chrome has become gained popularity in wedding rings because of its durability, stunning silver-white shine, and hypoallergenic properties. Not to mention it comes at quite an affordable price tag, when compared to the costs of other wedding rings for men. Perfect for an active lifestyle, cobalt is an attractive option for men’s wedding bands, as cobalt contains a mix of alloys that produc a beautiful, yet durable, shine.


Meteorite rings are derived from the core of excint planets, that burned out several billions of years ago, Meteorite is actuaslly quite strong and corrosion-resistant. All meteorite bands are made up of metal elements, such as iron-nickel, making it very hard and durable on its own, but when inlaid into a ring crafted in tungsten, titanium, or another hard metal, it makes for a ring that can withstand the test of time.

Exotic Hardwood

Hardwoods are types of wood that come from deciduous trees, which is any tree that produces seeds and leaves. A few well known types of hardwood are Oak, Maple Cherry, and Mahogany, Harwoods make beautiful wedding bands, and are surprisingly durable for being a natural type of wood. They have distinct grain patterns and rich colors. Woods like white oak make for a very distinctive ring as they have extraordinary lines running through the wood.


Tungsten wedding bands are extremely popular due to their durability and longevity. Tungsten is combined with carbon and other elements to form an alloy that is 10 times harder than gold. Tungsten is more scratch-resistant than other precious metals, and features a density and weight that is much hgher than any of the other alternative metals used modern wedding band making.

Damascus Steel

Our Damascus Steel rings are handmade, mirrowing ancient techniques metalsmiths used in making samurai swords many years ago. The combination of heating and twisting stainless steel layers creates comepletely unique and colorfully vivid patterns you seen in contemporary Damascus Steel products and Damascus Steel jewelry.


Cerakote is the industry leading thin-film ceramic coating; mostly known for its use on firearms, knives and tools. We use a unique formulation of cerakote coating in order to enhance the durability of the cerakote, which allows for abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance,, and impact strength, and hardness. Our cerakote men's wedding bands are unique, colorful, and durable.


Camouflage can be used in a couple different ways on our bands - as an inlay on the exterior of the band or as a sleeve on the interior side of the ring. Camoflauge inlays naturally fit well with many of our wood rings, including those with deer antler inlays or other natural materials. Enjoy multiple pattern styles with various colors and custom designs. The camoflague pattern is applied in a way that adheres it to the band for the lifetime of the ring.

Deer Antler

Our deer antler for our wedding bands comes from naturally shed deer antler finds and is 100% genuine. Deer antler is actually quite durable, being exceedingly crack-resistant, and surprisingly scratch-resistant. For anyone who is allergic, or is prone to skin irritations, deer antler is completely hypoalergenic, and an excellent choice for a unique wedding band.


Tantalum wedding bands have become one of the most popular contemporary materials used in men's wedding bands over the last couple years. A premium alternative metal by most accounts, tantalum is a heavyweight, most closely related to platinum in that sense, and is perfect for custom designs and custom finishes. Tantalum is a naturally gray color with hints of blue, which translates into a stunning band in any width, size, or color.