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Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands will light up your special day and comfort any groom looking for a rose gold mens ring. Choose from a wide array of rose gold bands in our stunning 14k rose gold mens wedding band...
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The most incredible rose gold mens wedding band custom made from unrivaled premium quality raw materials.

Celebrate the beauty of your wedding day, and explore exceptional Mens Rose Gold Wedding Bands from Bonzerbands. Our wedding bands are meticulously handcrafted in a wide variety of modern ring, classic band, and minimalist styles. Featuring only the most premium ethically sourced raw materials in our unique wedding rings, our entire collection of wedding jewelry is precisely crafted by our expert ring makers to provide the ideal size ring and ring fit for your wedding band and your wedding ring finger. Rings for a wedding should be perfectly suited to match your unique personality; Whether that is a simple classic gold wedding band, the durability and strength of a tungsten wedding band, or going completely bold and non traditional with a black wedding band or black diamond wedding ring, we've got the perfect ring design for every groom-to-be. Bonzerbands offers a wide range of alternative metal wedding bands and unique wedding rings for men, as well as our wonderfully curated collections of men's wedding bands forged from precious metals - Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Throughout our collections you'll find unique wedding bands showcasing Matte, Textured, Brushed, and Hammered Finishes to name just a few of our custom finishes- as well as a variety of discernable edges and distinct design features you've come to know and love from Bonzerbands wedding bands. All Bonzerbands come in a multitude of widths, with 6mm and 8mm being the most commonly sought after by our grooms to be; and if you'd like something custom made, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!

Men's Rose Gold Wedding Band from Bonzerband signify an everlasting and unequivocally unique bond between partners, and we are deeply humbled to be able to offer you the chance to really enjoy finding that special ring for your special day.

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Rose Gold Wedding Band for Men


Rose Gold

How to Choose a

Does a wedding ring make a man more attractive?

Is it OK to get a rose gold engagement ring?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to get a rose gold engagement ring. Rose gold is a beautiful and sophisticated choice, as it is still strong and durable like yellow or white gold, but has a romantic softness to it. The look of wearing rose gold creates an eye-catching contrast, especially if the man does not normally wear jewelry. Rose gold blends copper with yellow and white metals to produce the peachy hue and its natural color will not fade over time like other metals may. Also, if you decide to change your wedding band down the line, rose gold matches well with different types of stones or combinations of metals so you can restyle your design in the future.

What is a male engagement ring called?

A male engagement ring is typically called a men's wedding band or a groom's ring. It is traditionally worn on the left hand and may be plain, have diamonds or other precious stones, depending on the wearer's preferences. In modern times, grooms are starting to get more creative when it comes to their rings by incorporating inlays, metal customizations and different shapes. Male engagement rings are usually larger than their female counterparts and made out of durable materials such as gold, platinum or an alternative metal like tungsten or titanium.

Do rose gold wedding rings fade?

Rose gold wedding rings usually don’t fade, but the color may change slightly over time due to the oxidation of the metal. This oxidation can cause a slight darkening of the ring’s color and give it an antique appearance that some customers enjoy. High-quality rose gold is made with a combination of pure metals and contains copper, which naturally may develop a patina over time. As long as basic maintenance is done (cleaning with jewelry cleaner or warm water and mild dish soap), rose gold wedding rings should remain its original beautiful color. Even if a slight darkening does occur, it is a very simple and easy process to restore the original rose hue that any jeweler can perform.

What color best compliments rose gold?

Rose gold is best complimented with cool colors like navy blue, gray, and light pink. These colors look stylish and modern together and can be used to create a range of looks, from elegant to fun. Lighter shades of these colors can also be used for more subtle or softer combinations with rose gold. In addition, other dark or muted hues such as light green or black can help bring out the warm tones in rose gold, creating a stunning contrast and beautiful palette for outfits or design elements.

Is rose gold out of style?

Rose gold wedding bands for men are a timeless, classic style choice for many couples and are still very popular today. They add a touch of elegance to any formal occasion, making them very attractive. Rose gold also allows the wearer to express their unique taste while blending in with different skin tones. As long as they are stylishly designed and fit the groom’s personality well, rose gold wedding bands will never truly be out of style or go out of fashion.

Is Rose Gold Better Than Yellow Gold?

Rose gold is a beautiful, distinctive metal that has increased in popularity over the last decade or so. It is stylish and fashionable, but whether it’s “better” than other forms of gold like yellow gold depends on personal preference. Rose gold is slightly harder and stronger than yellow gold, which makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear and more complex designs. Generally speaking, rose gold jewelry looks quite trendy when paired with cooler clothing tones such as blues or grays. On the other hand, yellow gold often looks best with warm colors such as browns and oranges. Ultimately, the choice between rose and yellow gold lies in individual style preferences.

Should a mens wedding band have diamonds?

Whether or not a mens wedding band should have diamonds is entirely up to the groom and his individual style. Some men might opt for the traditional single diamond in their ring, while others may choose a plain metal band for a more minimalist, subtle look. If a man does want his wedding ring to have diamonds or other adornments, he should consider all of his options when choosing one as there are many styles available depending on size and shape of diamond. Ultimately, it is up to the groom to decide which type of mens wedding band best suits him and his lifestyle.

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Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men FAQs

What are the pros and cons of Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands rings?

Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands wedding bands are extremely durable, look fantasic on your finger, and you won't have to take out a second mortgage to afford one.

However, while being shatter-proof is typically a pro, one of the most important cons of Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands ring's is how it reacts under large amounts of pressure. If you work with large tools or use your hands with heavy machinery, a Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands might not be the best choice for you, as you'll want a band that will break away, not just bend if it were to get it caught or stuck.

Are Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands rings good for men?

From their toughness and durability to their ability to add an edge to your look, not to mention the potential for some sensational inlay materials, Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands rings are the perfect men’s wedding band in many ways.

Why do men wear Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands rings?

For it's Strength and Durability

Many grooms admire the durability and strength of Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands. Thanks to the hardness of this metal, a Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands wedding band will be scratch-resistant and won't bend as easily as other precious or alternative metals.

Which is better Tungsten or Titanium?

While both Tungsten and Titanium each have numerous advantages, the main differentiator between them is their weight. Tungsten is extremely heavy, while Titanium is very lightweight by comparison, so it comes down to personal preference on how heavy you want your wedding band to be on your finger.

Do Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands wedding bands break?

Some people may find it surprising, but a Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands ring is not completely indestructible. While they are incredibly durable, strong, and scratch-resistant, Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands wedding bands can crack or break if dropped on a hard surface.

Can I shower with a Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands ring?

A Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands ring is waterproof and will not rust, so wearing it in the shower is okay. While a Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands wedding band is water-resistant, you should still take precautions in swimming pools with harsh cleaning solutions and chemicals, and refrain from submerging it for extened periods of time.

How much should mens wedding bands cost?

The average price of a men's wedding band will range from just under $200 to around $3,500 for a high-end luxury brand. On average most people spend around $600 on a men's wedding band, but this will depend almost entirely on the ring's metal, and the presence of any rare gems.

What type of wedding band is best for men?

Traditionally, Gold has been one of the more popular choices for men's wedding bands. However, in recent years, we have seen a shift in the trend towards many alternative metals, such as Tungsten or Titanium, and even most recently Tantalum.


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