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Dive into the incredible features and particularity that makes carbon fiber such a desirable material and premiere choice as an alternative metal for a men's wedding band.



An unconventional design that's far from ordinary.

Millions of years of preserved perfection embodied in a stunning inlay.

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Our unique dinosaur bone wedding bands are made using 100% authentic, crushed, agatized dinosaur fossils. These dinosaur fossils date back to dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the late Jurassic Period; around 160 million years ago!

Dinosaur bone is a fossil, and fossils can be brittle. This is why we inlay the dinosaur bone in a crushed form, so that we can ensure a durable ring that you can wear every day. The crushed pieces are inlaid into a groove on the band and sealed with a medical-grade resin, which gives your band an airtight seal, and super sleek look.

Inlays and Finishes

An unconventional and ingenious way to blend history, tradition, and cutting-edge technology into your wedding band.

Go with a more traditional look on a light colored band, and let the dinosaur bone accentuate the metal, or go all out stealth look with a sharp black wedding band with dinosaur bone inlay down the middle.

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Our unique dinosaur bone wedding bands come in three distinct color tones to choose from: Red, Tan or Black, or you can combine them to create a truly unique look. When it comes to a man's wedding band, an authentic dinosaur bone ring is certainly a guaranteed conversation starter, and likely to invoke jealousy amongst your friends and family who aren't quite cool enough to have a dinosaur wedding band.


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Genuine Dinosaur Bone

Each ring in Bonzerbands' collection of dinosaur bone wedding bands is sealed for water protection and durability - making them last a lifetime. Furthermore, the variation between each mosaic makes every ring one of a kind, as to be a significant expression of the love you share with your partner.

A newly unearthed 160-Million-year-old piece of history, and true singularity in it's design and display, ensures a undeniably one-of-a-kind men's wedding band.


Men's Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands from Bonzerbands are the preferred choice amongst modern men, and an exceptional deviation from traditional or classic style wedding rings.



Bonzerbands Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands are part of an exquisite collection of wedding bands for men that are available in countless tantalizing colors, widths, styles, and finishes.


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