The Material Difference

Each material and precious metal we offer provides distinct and unique advantages in design and manufacturing, while providing our clients the special advantages of individual look and feel they desire. Your wedding ring should reflect who you are. Our materials embody who we are.

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Unique & Alternative Metals

The Bolide Collection

A nod to the endless beauty of space and the greater unknown.

The Bolide Collection pays tribute to the pioneers of interstellar exploration and the epic story of outer space travel.

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In an effort to bring some of that galactic goodness back to Earth, Bonzerbands specializes in the masterful crafting of Men's Wedding Bands featuring actual pieces of Gibeon Meteorite in our inspired designs.

Genuine Gibeon Meteorite gives our wedding bands an incredibly unique feel, as you're wearing a piece of hardened rock that was formed over a billion years ago and fell from the sky - now that's most certainly a pretty nice conversation piece.

The Extreme Carbon Collection

Embodying the spirit of super fast sports cars, aerospace, and hardened tactical gear - we put carbon fiber to good use!

The Extreme Carbon Collection was expertly crafted with the goal of producing an extremely lightweight, yet overwhelmingly durable and functional wedding band that is on-trend and fashionable.

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Carbon Fiber wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular among men, and couples, looking for something a little different in a wedding ring. They're sleek, classy and beautiful. And, unlike traditional gold or platinum wedding bands, they don't require taking out a second mortgage in order to pay for it. What makes carbon fiber wedding bands so special?

For starters, carbon fiber is one of the strongest man-made fibers on Earth. Its strength lies in the ability to withstand extreme temperatures without losing integrity. Carbon fiber is also lightweight, so it sits comfortably on your finger and looks pretty sweet. Commonly found in aircraft wings and rocket engines, carbon fiber has made its foray into the jewelry industry for precisely the same highly sought after characteristics - it's super lightweight and pretty damn hard.


High Temperatures produce exceedingly bold colors.

The Ceramic Edition was sculpted as a modern alternative to metal wedding bands, yet still provide the same look and feel of forged metals, and come in almost any color.

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For Bonzerbands, materials are an integral part of our design and manufacturing process. They must complement the design to provide a look today's grooms will love, while being able to withstand the test of time.

As one of our newer ventures in materials we have chosen to use high-tech ceramic for a brand new collection, the Ceramic Edition; it is an ultra-tough and almost entirely scratch-proof material that allows us to produce dazzling wedding rings and incredibly durable wedding bands for men.

The Aqua Fusion Collection

Performance and style for all your water-based pursuits.

The Aqua Fusion Collection embraces our love for aquatic activities and the beautiful, wonderful oceans all over the world. So grab a wedding band from the collection and dive with it, surf with it, swim with it, hit the beach bar with it - whatever you desire.

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The Aqua Fusion Collection is a mingling of various alternative metals we are very fond of here at Bonzerbands. Most notably, you'll find our use of Cobalt Chrome to to center stage in these exciting new designs.

Fabricated to withstand the typical wear and tear associated with surfing, diving, or any other aquatic fun, our Aqua Fusion wedding bands retain and continue to showcase their brilliantly deep color schemes and textured finishes.

With all this talk about weight and durability, it's easy to forget about some of tungsten's other highly appealing qualities. Tungsten isn't just about strength; it will hold a polish that will match any precious metal, making it just as sleek and sexy as any other alternative metal wedding band you will find. Just take a look and explore our collection of tungsten wedding bands for men.

The Raptor Collection

Welcome to the new Jurassic Park.

The Raptor Collection incorporates actual dinosaur bone into bold designs coupled with a distinctive flair.

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Our unique dinosaur bone wedding bands are made using 100% authentic dinosaur bone fossils. These unearthed relics of pre-historic Earth can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the Late Jurassic Period, known as the Malm epoch, roughly 160 million years ago.

Fossilized dinosaur bone makes for an unmistakably sharp addition to any man's wedding band, while embodying various unique styles and colors throughout your choices of rings.

The District Collection

Paying tribute to our early metropolitan lifestyle, and the hustle of the big city.

The District Collection celebrates individuality within the group, and standing out in order to make a positive impact.

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Wedding bands in The District Collection offer sharp bold features and contrasting colors not traditionally associated with a men's wedding band.

Check out some of the deep blacks, and cutting silver lines that make The District Collection an instant classic.

The Field Collection

An homage to those that don't mind a little dirt with their daily adventure.

The Field Collection was firmly crafted in the essence of the outdoors, with admiration and respect for the journey.

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At Bonzerbands, we love the journey. Whether it's your daily commute to the office, a weekend warrior getaway, or some insane deep woods or backcountry excursion, you're going to need a wedding band that can keep up!

That's why we created The Field Collection - our modern take on hardened materials forged to withstand whatever you throw at them. Inspired by the outdoors, you'll find a bevy of hardwoods and natural materials used, along a multitude of Earth toned colors.

The Venture Collection

The view is outstanding from way up here!

For those that enjoy the climb - whether literally, up the mountain or the ladder in the boardroom; The Venture Collection is for you.

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We fashioned The Venture Collection with one thing in mind - ADVENTURE.

We know a little old fashioned adventure gets us excited, and we think you'll be pretty excited when you check out The Venture Collection. The mix of materials, and the way they compliment each other, gives the collection a little extra kick, just when you thought wedding bands were all the same.

The Maverick Collection

For those that fly by the seat of their pants, which in this case, is a very good thing.

The Maverick Collection was ultimately crafted as an iconic line and homage to those who move fast.

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Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a Top Gun, or you're just into exceptionally fast rides, all out full throttle efforts, and supersonic jet-engines, the Maverick Collection may be just what you are looking for in a wedding ring.

The Maverick Collection is for those that choose forge their own path, do their own thing, and make it look awe-inspiringly cool in the process. We fashioned this collection of wedding bands by combining different materials like Cobalt Chrome and Tantalum to produce some pretty hardcore wedding bands we're sure you'll appreciate.

The Elite Titanium Collection

Celebrating the mightiness of Titanium and it's highly desirable natural strength and lightweight build.

The Elite Titanium Collection showcases the top-notch attributes of Titanium, and embodies those characteristics into a beautifully crafted wedding band for you to wear for all eternity.

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Prized for it's extreme durablity and scratch-resistant, as well as being quite budget friendly and completely hypoallergenic, Titanium’s natural silver-white shine makes it an exceptionally popular choice for men’s wedding bands and wedding rings.

Most notably used in aircraft, spacecraft, and harsh environment components such as jet engines, Titanium performs particularly well because of it's ability to withstand extreme temperatures and lightweight structure.

The Element Collection

Elemental status has been reached.

An original minimalist collection with bold lines and strong shapes, featuring fresh materials and natural elements making up the band.

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A new take on the traditional wedding band for men, utilizing a vast array of alternative metals to produce a modern wedding band that gathers its style from various metals and materials.

The Element Collection was designed to highlight the beauty of the naturally occurring elements that promise it. As a base for our collection of men's wedding bands, we utilized Titanium, Tungsten, Tantalum, Black Zirconium, Gold, and Cobalt to produce a wonderous collection of rings for men on their wedding day.

14k Gold

A modern touch of enlightenment on a traditional style.

Offered in three distinct and equally lustrous varieties - yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold - comprising our wonderfully inspired collection of14k gold wedding bands for men.

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Men's 14k gold wedding bands are a timeless classic for celebrating your love with a flourish. Choose from our classic bands or update some of our traditional styles by selecting a uniquely textured ring with an inlay, or a two-tone wedding band that pairs 14k yellow gold with a darker alternative metal band color.

Our meticulously curated collection of men's gold wedding bands is a diverse arrangement of rings that range from sleek and minimalistic to bold and design-forward. Choose a shimmering gold men's ring that matches with your individual style, reflects your one-of-a-kind love story, and wear it proudly for a lifetime of happiness.