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Learn more about the Honeymoon Rewards program from Bonzerbands, and how to start stacking up points towards a totally free honeymoon. Seriously, there's no catch whatsoever... We'll pay for your entire honeymoon if you qualify with referrals, it's that simple!

Rewards Info

How to Earn Points

Start earning points by making referrals with your unique referral code. You'll get 10,000 points for each successful qualified referral. Reach bonus tiers to accelerate your points earning, and unlck free stuff along the way.

Earn Points

Milestones & VIP Tiers

Each successful referral will get you closer to a free honeymoon, but it's not "all or nothing." Find out more about rewards benefits, VIP Tiers, and how to get a 100% free honeymoon simply by earning points from referrals.

Milestones & VIP Tiers

Free Honeymoon Details

Sign in to your Honeymoon Rewards portal to confirm your success and verify the details of your free honeymoon, select additional VIP Getaway & Experiences, and receive payment from Bonzerbands for your honeymoon.

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At Bonzerbands, we know that your wedding day and honeymoon are some of the most incredible times in your life, and we want to help make them extra special. That's why we decided to start a program that can help foster that adventurous spirit in all of us, and take off on one of the most wild experiences of your life - and we want to pay for it!