Men's Wedding Bands

Discover the perfect symbol of love and commitment with our exquisite collection of men's wedding bands. Our diverse range of wedding bands for men caters to every style, personality, and preference, ensuring that you find the ideal ring to celebrate your special day. From classic designs to contemporary styles, our mens wedding rings are crafted with precision and care, reflecting the lifelong bond you're about to embark upon.

Our men's wedding bands are available in a variety of materials, including timeless gold, durable tungsten, lightweight titanium, and scratch-resistant ceramic. Each material offers its unique characteristics and benefits, allowing you to choose the perfect wedding band that suits your lifestyle and taste. For those who appreciate a touch of luxury, we also offer wedding bands made from platinum, white gold and rose gold, known for their exceptional quality and elegance.

As you embark on this exciting journey towards your wedding day, let us help you find the perfect men's wedding band to symbolize your love and commitment. Browse our extensive collection of mens wedding rings and discover the ring that speaks to your heart and reflects your unique story. With our wide variety of options and commitment to quality, you're sure to find the perfect wedding band to celebrate your love and devotion.

Men's Wedding Band Reviews

I was so impressed with the customer service I received at Bonzerbands. Thank you for the incredible ring!

Alison Harvey

My husband isn't normally a wedding band wearer, but now I can't get him to take off his tungsten wedding ring we purchased from you.

Bryne Carlson

Excellent collection of unique and high quality rings. I couldn't be more pleased with my wedding band. The Best!

Dennis Floyd

Awesome black wedding ring for my fiance. He loves the look and can't wait to wear it all the time. Thank you Bonzerbands crew.

Lucy Ellis

My wedding ring purchase came within 2 weeks and it looked so amazing! Thank you for the rushed order! Definitely saved the day.

Beth Olson

So many cool rings to choose from and the help I received from their guys was absolutely top notch. Thank you Bonzerbands.

Michael Whitney

Men's Wedding Band Education

Mens Wedding Band Style Guide

Men's wedding band styles have certainly come a long way from the plain gold bands your parents likely wear. Check out what's new in the latest wedding ring styles for men.

Ring Finishes Guide

From satin to hammered and well beyond, we have all the information you'll need to find the right ring finish for your wedding band.

Wedding Ring Sizing and Fit

Ring Sizing and Fit Guide

Men don't always wear jewelry, so it's perfectly normal to not know what your ring size is. Let us help, and we'll get it figured out in no time.

Wedding Band Engraving Guide

Not sure what to get engraved on your wedding band? We'll walk you through what you need to know to make the right choice.

Wedding Band Cost & Budget Guide

When it comes to the cost of your wedding bands, setting a budget is absolutely key. We'll tell you what to expect and what to look out for.

Men's Wedding Band Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect wedding band for the big day? We've got guys covered with our complete wedding band buying guide.

Wedding Band Metals Guide

Choosing a metal for your wedding band is a tall order. We'll help you select the material that is just right for you and your wedding ring.

Men's Wedding Band Width Guide

Surprisingly enough, the width of a man's wedding band plays a large role in choosing the right one. We'll go over the options with you.

Frequently Asked Questions Men's Wedding Bands

How much should a man's wedding ring cost?

Who is supposed to pay for the man's wedding ring?

Traditionally, the bride's family would cover the cost of the groom's wedding band. However, modern couples often choose to share expenses or pay for their own rings. It's essential to discuss and agree upon financial responsibilities before making any purchases.

Why do some guys wear their wedding ring on their right hand?

Some men wear their wedding ring on their right hand due to cultural or religious reasons. In countries like Russia, Greece, and India, it's customary to wear the wedding band on the right hand. Additionally, some men may choose to wear their ring on the right hand for personal preference or comfort.

What does a black wedding ring mean on a man?

A black wedding ring on a man symbolizes strength, sophistication, and modernity. Black rings are often made from materials like tungsten, ceramic, or black gold, which are durable and scratch-resistant. They represent a unique and contemporary choice for men who prefer a non-traditional look.

What is the difference between a mens wedding ring and wedding band?

A men's wedding ring and wedding band are essentially the same thing. Both terms refer to the circular piece of jewelry worn by a man to symbolize his commitment in marriage. The term "wedding band" is often used to describe a simpler, more streamlined design, while "wedding ring" may imply a more ornate or decorative style.

Do guys wear wedding band while engaged?

Typically, men do not wear wedding bands during the engagement period. An engagement ring is traditionally worn by the woman, while both partners exchange and wear wedding bands after the wedding ceremony.

However, the most recent trend is shifting towards men also wearing an engagement ring prior to the wedding, just women have traditionally done. For more information on the proper ring etiquette check out our men's engagement ring guide. It covers everything you'll need to know about engagement rings; prior to and after the wedding.

Should men wedding band be thick or thin?

The width of a men's wedding band is a matter of personal preference. Some men prefer a thicker band for a more substantial look, while others opt for a thinner band for comfort and a sleeker appearance. It's essential to try on different widths to determine what feels and looks best on your hand.

What size wedding band do most men wear?

What is the most comfortable wedding ring shape?

What is the trend for men's wedding bands?

What is the best men wedding band?

The best men's wedding band is one that reflects the wearer's personality, style, and lifestyle. Consider factors like durability, comfort, and design when selecting the perfect ring. Popular materials include gold, platinum, tungsten, and titanium, each with its own benefits and aesthetic appeal.